Google Search Tips from the September 2018 FamilyTree Magazine

1.  Add the words genealogy to ancestors searches.  Try adding locations as well.

2.  Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase “Aaron James Underwood”

3.  Use an * asterik to search inside quotation marks to specify unknown words “Aaron * Underwood”

4.  Use OR to search for multiple names such as Aaron Underwood OR Underwood Aaron

5.  Use the minus sign – to eliminate words such as “Thomas Frost”-weather

6.  Search for words on specific websites such as the local library or historical society ex “Benjamin Franklin Hall” siteBuffaloPhilharmonic

7.  Browse Google News Archives going  back to the 1880s at

8.  Google Images – enter family names, places, occupations, anything to bring up images.  It changes every week or so and  has amazing family history photos.

9.  See if your ancestors applied for a patent.

10.  Search Google books at for a person or place to find family history books and citiy directories.  You will be amazed and what you can find.

Have fun with this and please comment what you find.