The Family History Guide

Are you new to family history or want to learn how to do genealogy or family history better?  This website is a great way to start at the beginning and learn how.  It even has instructions on how to use the computer, right down to how to use the mouse.  Check out the video to learn how to use this site.


How to Import a FamilySearch Tree into

Are you an LDS member and have a FREE account?  Did you know that you can import a 4 generation FamilySearch Tree into  This will make it so much easier to find records that FamilySearch doesn’t have.   You can also add additional ancestors, just watch the 7 minutes video below.


Roots Search – Chrome Extension to help find your ancestors on FamilySearch partner sites

Roots Search has become one of my favorite tools to use with  Once you have added the Chrome Extension to your Google Chrome browser, when you are on a person detail page in Family Search, with the click of a button, you can go directly to or any other partner websites, and it will search for that ancestor.  Watch the short video to learn how.  It is sweeet!!