2 thoughts on “RecordSeek: Add an online source to FamilySearch or Ancestry

  1. Hello Sr. Hill,
    I appreciated your blog posting and wanted to point out a couple of features in using TreeConnect, and I would like to learn how to create this kind of posting for my blog.
    1) if you highlight the text that you want to copy with the source (click and drag from the upper left to the lower right), then that highlighted text will appear in the text box that you pointed to (using the original format), and you can change the format (by deleting unnecessary lines) or even change the text (I usually type “created by DonQ using the free …” in that bottom line)(my FamilySearch contact name is DonQ).
    2) if you “tag” this Source in the pertinent FamilySearch Person Page, then this source will show as a verification of pertinent Vital Information.
    I think that we met in the Family History Library about a year ago and I think that we also met in Madison, WI many years prior to that.

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